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At our heart, we are cryogenic piping manufacturers and installers, but over the last decade we have become a one-stop shop for cryogenic systems.
Cryogenic ‘plumbing’ may be our heritage and remains at the core of what we do, but Thames now supplies total systems from cryogenic bulk vessels, through valves and piping, to freezers and vessels. All combined with oxygen depletion monitoring and extraction systems, project managed and delivered to the highest standard. On top of this we have developed world class products for dewar filling and laboratory storage that are often copied but never equalled. From the smallest decant flexible hose to systems with hundreds of meters of pipe feeding 50 freezers from 50,000 litre bulk vessels, Thames have systems installed all over the world, from New Zealand to Norway and Switzerland to Saudi Arabia, there is no project we are not able to tackle.



Founded in 1985 with a handful of people with cryogenic backgrounds, Thames has been leading the way for over 30 years.
Our business started small enough like many others but in 1993 we had a factory purpose built for us. From this site in the UK, we went on to start an office in Benelux and more recently two offices in France. Combined with a network of partners we are now able to supply systems into many countries in the world, dealing with customers in their own language. We have added distribution deals to our portfolio including Chart Biomedical in 1999. In Nov 2020 Thames Cryogenics brought IS4 Cryogenics into the organisation which allows us to have an in-house electronics capability. 

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Thames Cryogenics aims to be the number 1 supplier of choice for cryogenic products in the markets it serves.
Nothing stays the same for long and this is true in cryogenics as it is for any other market. Thames Cryogenics continues to innovate by creating products in response to customer demands. As part of our Quality Assurance system, we are always reviewing what we do and looking for ways to improve not only our product range but also the whole way we interact with customers at every level. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for high quality products from other manufacturers that complement our existing range and reinforce our position as a supplier of the best equipment available for use with low temperatures. We are always looking at expanding into new geographical markets and aim to be in at the ground level on new developments that will utilise cryogenics. Thames Cryogenics plays an active part in the cryogenic community as members of the British Cryogenic Cluster and participants in the new Cryogenic Society of Europe.

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