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Liquid Nitrogen Pipework


Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL), also referred to as Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP), Vacuum Jacketed Piping  (VJP) or simply liquid nitrogen pipework is the most efficient form of cryogenic pipework for transferring cryogens from one place to another.
SIVL comes in a range of standard diameters from ½” NB (18mm ID) to 3” NB (85mm ID) to suit your requirements and both smaller and larger bespoke sizes can also be manufactured.
Our lines are bespoke built with elbows and tees incorporated into sections to minimise the number of joints required on site and thus reduce the total heat inleak.
Lines can be site welded or supplied with thermally efficient bayonet couplings for installation by local labour. Lines can be altered or extended at a later date. Most other manufacturer’s lines can also be worked on and modified

Flexible versions of SIVL also exist. CLICK HERE.


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