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Vent Units (Phase Separators)

Vent Unit

A float operated, vacuum insulated vessel, installed at the high point in a line to separate liquid and gas free phases, thus delivering high quality liquid to the use point.

Standard Vent Unit

The Vent unit acts as a phase separator for liquid nitrogen, removing gaseous nitrogen from small piping, such as valve manifolds, to ensure rapid liquid response at the outlets. The inlet use our standard bayonet coupling for easy mounting.

Horseshoe Vent

A variant of the standard unit, the horseshoe vent has vacuum insulated inlet and outlets thus allowing the vent gas to be directed to atmosphere via a vacuum insulated vent line. Both inlets and outlets utilise our bayonet couplings for ease of fitting and exchanging.

Mini Vent

Sometimes it is useful to fit one of our vent units into a system where there is no vacuum insulated piping, on an environmental chamber for example. In these cases, we can provide a variant of our normal vent unit with screwed inlet and outlet fittings allowing it to be incorporated into any existing system.

Phase Separator

Some systems are such that either a higher flow of gas free liquid is required, or a pressure reduction is required in the line and in such cases we offer large volume phase separators with level control and the option of multiple outlets. These are bespoke systems designed with your specific requirements in mind.


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